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Issue June/July 2017
Announcement Five new companies have joined the NGVA Europe Board of Directors: CIB (Italy), Enagas (Spain), Eni (Italy), Total (France) and Volkswagen (Germany)

Main subjects in this issue:
European Commission publishes “Europe on the Move” communication, suggests legislative initiatives on road sector
Positive result in Parliament from the ENVI committee on the Low-mobility strategy
NGVA Europe annual event and General Assembly held in Barcelona, welcomed five new Board Members
CEN launches survey to define more accurate specs for pipeline quality natural gas
CEF 2016 approved projects published
New studies showcase skews in emission and regulations from EV
NGV 2016 Statistical Report Available
NGVA Europe participates at GasNaturally dinner debate in Strasbourg
NGVA Europe comments on draft low pressure LNG connector
European Commission publishes “Europe on the Move” communication, suggests legislative initiatives on road sector
On May 31st the European Commission published the communication “Europe on the Move”. It proposes a set of measures to accelerate shift towards clean and sustainable mobility by 2025. The communication is accompanied by a series of eight legislative initiatives specifically targeting road sector. The aims include supporting the rollout of infrastructure for road charging, alternative fuels and connectivity, better information for consumers, a stronger internal market and improved working conditions for the road haulage sector, as well as steps to lay the ground for cooperative, connected and automated mobility”.

NGVA Europe welcomes the statement on technology neutrality as the main approach to evaluate results rather than technologies themselves. NGVA Europe also supports the inclusion of low emissions vehicles to complement zero emissions vehicles in urban areas. This reflects the actions carried out by NGVA Europe to promote the Well to Wheel approach as a necessary tool to guarantee a technology neutral approach and make the case for natural gas as the most cost-effective solution to tackle air quality issues. However, the communication features an unbalanced focus on battery technologies and recharging infrastructure when referring to the future development of the Alternative Fuels infrastructure. Full document is available here

Positive result in Parliament from the ENVI committee on the Low-mobility strategy
On June 29th the Environment Committee of the European Parliament (ENVI) adopted a draft opinion (rapporteur Mr. Damiano Zoffoli) answering to the European Commission’s “A European “Strategy for Low-emission Mobility” communication. The document includes several amendments addressing the need to introduce CO2 emissions evaluation under the Real Driving conditions, as well as the request to reduce  the Correlation Factor - CF - for NOx emissions on road control by 2021 down to 1.0.
Most importantly, the document underlines the expected role of natural gas (CNG, LNG) and, above all,renewable gas to support the decarbonisation of the transport sector mentioning the need to promote a “transition towards a sustainable, circular and low-carbon economy”.  Among the amendments, there is a clear focus on the need to reduce NOx and PM emissions, as well as noise emissions. Finally, the document refers to the role that Alternative Fuels such as natural gas should play in the future, including in the maritime sector. Full document is available here

NGVA Europe annual event and General Assembly held in Barcelona, welcomed five new Board Members
On June 12-14th NGVA Europe held its annual event in Barcelona. The gathering included the review meeting from the LNG Blue Corridors Project, the Board and General Assembly for members, as well asa conference on the main takeovers from the EU project.

The event “NGV Corridors: Towards Sustainable Mobility” was attended  by more than 120 guests, while the speakers included the representatives from European Commission (DG ENER, DG MOVE), industry and other EU funded projects.
Presentations can be found at the member area

During the General Assembly, NGVA Europe welcomed 5 new Board members CIB, Enagas, Eni, Total and Volkswagen - making the Board of Directors composed of 32 members. Minutes from the meeting can be found at the member area
CEN launches survey to define more accurate specs for pipeline quality natural gas
A newly formed working group in CEN, within SFG, Sector Fora Gas, is doing a Natural Gas Quality Study (Survey 2 on gas supply), in order to have in future a more detailed European standard for Natural gas quality (pipeline gas; EN 16726:2015).

CEN is inviting operators from the European natural gas industry to contribute with relevant information in the areas of their influence/activity, by replying to a questionnaire. This survey will help finding an agreement on a suitable range for the Wobbe Index in Europe, including the possible elaboration of regional bands, as well as on other potential gas quality parameter ranges, e.g. for Calorific Value.

The collected data will not be disclosed, unless in aggregated and anonymised form. We encourage our Members to have a look at this document.
CEF 2016 approved projects published
The list of approved CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) projects for 2016 was published on 26th June. The call included gas infrastructure projects over 160€ million of investment, with a EU funding support of about 79 million €.

Some of the approved projects include CNG and LNG infrastructure in Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Poland, Greece and Slovakia. Renewable fuel production is also included in some cases, focused on the production of bio-CNG and bio-LNG.
The link to the approved projects can be found here

The European Commission’s  Connecting Europe Conference will take place in Tallinn on 21st-22nd September 2017. An exhibition, which will be organised on the sidelines of the conference, will showcase the successes of CEF, TEN-T and related EU funding programmes that contribute to European transport infrastructure development. Participation in the exhibition will be open to project beneficiaries and funding bodies free of charge within the space limits of the conference centre. Registration will open on 14 July. More information available here
New studies showcase skews in emission and regulations from Electric Vehicles
Three more studies on electric vehicles and hybrids regarding CO2 emissions and regulations were released in the last months . The studies highlighted below showcase the need for the Life-Cycle-Assessments for the automotive industry as well as the impact on CO2 goals if not implemented correctly in regulations. The studies allow for NGVs to be benchmarked against other alternative powertrains and can be used in discussion with policy makers and investors.
The recently released study, The Life Cycle Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Lithium-Ion Batteries by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute showcases the initial CO2 heavy burden electric vehicles. The study reveals the average greenhouse gas emissions of 150-200 kg CO2-eq/kWh this equal to 46.000 km driven in a CNG vehicle of the same size, based upon the NGVA WTW study. The "End-of-life Directive 2000/53/EC specifies as of 1st of January 2015, 95% of an automotive vehicle needs to reused & recovered but there is of today no second life market or recovery for batteries present.
As indicated in the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) study,  Integrating electric vehicles within U.S. and European efficiency regulations ,  the current European efficiency regulations favor electric vehicles in such a way that CO2 reduction overall could be less to up to 41% in 2030 if the current EU regulation is kept.
Last but not least ICCT performed a benchmark under vehicle fleets between homologated and on-road CO2 emissions from the vehicles see here

On average the difference for diesel and gasoline, respectively 41% and 28% higher emissions than indicated. For Plug In-Hybrid-Electric-Vehicles (PHEV) it was measured to be on average 270% higher.
More information about the NGVA WTW study can be found at the website
NGV 2016 Statistical Report Available
NGVA Europe has worked on the publication of two reports on statistics and market overview in 2016. The Statistical Report is now available online, highlighting  the main developments on the NGV side and natural gas fuel pricing. It can be downloaded at this link
Members have access to the key statistical file that includes information about the number of natural gas vehicles (by segment) as well as number of public and private refuelling stations (CNG, L-CNG and LNG) by country. Also included is the annual CNG and LNG consumption and biomethane share. The excel statistical report can be found at the member area
NGVA Europe participates at GasNaturally dinner debate in Strasbourg
NGVA Europe took part in a dinner debate on the Clean Energy Package at the European Parliament in Strasbourg on 4th July. The debate as co-organised by GasNaturally - gas industry advocacy group which NGVA Europe is part of - and hosted by MEP Adina Valean, Chair of the Environment Committee. The debate’s participants agreed that gas is a flexible and affordable fuel that can reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality in all energy sectors.   
The dinner was also a good opportunity to present the newly appointed President of GasNaturally - Marco Alvera - to the influential EU policy-makers. Mr. Alvera was appointed the President of GasNaturally in June and sees tackling climate change and improving air quality as the two most pressing issues of our time, and believes that natural gas can help finding solution to both.
NGVA Europe delivers technical comments on draft low pressure LNG connector
The first draft for the new proposed low pressure LNG connector NP ISO 21104 under ISO working group ISO/TC 22/SC 41/WG 4 was open for comments. As indicated during the working group meeting in Vancouver on the 13th of March 2017 the proposed low pressure connector will not supersede the current LNG connector standard ISO 12617 in place. The proposal of the LNG connector was created within HDgas consortium.
The technical comments provided and draft NP ISO 22104 can be found here
Recommended events
Connecting Europe Conference
Tallinn, Estonia
21st-22nd September 2017
12th Conference on Gaseous-Fuel powered vehicles
Stuttgart, Germany
24th-25th October 2017
Brussels, Belgium
7th December 2017
Next meetings & speaking engagements
7th September, Workshop CEER "Future Role of Gas from a Regulatory Perspective", Brussels

16th-22nd September, European Mobility Week 

A list of attended and future events can be found here.

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